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  • A close-up of a woman having a needle injected into her Getty Ask the expert: Botox

    I am considering having Botox but I am fearful I may end up with a 'Mr Spock' brow and a frozen look. What can I do to prevent this happening? AJ Smith, London via email

  • A close-up of Madonn's hand Getty Ask the expert: ageing hands

    I have hands like Madonna. Help! J Gill, via email

  • A woman with a plaster on her nose Getty Images Ask the expert: non-surgical nose job

    I hate my nose but I really don't like the idea of surgery to fix it, as operations scare me. Any ideas on how to improve the look of it? Carly Ryans, via email

  • A pair of lips about to be injected Getty Images Ask the expert: lip enhancement

    I really want to get collagen injections in my lips to plump them up but I'm scared of getting a trout pout, how can I avoid this? Christine, via email

  • Dolce & Gabbana AW11 show Rex Features Ask the expert: styling short hair

    I have short hair and feel limited when it comes to styling. Is it possible to follow hair trends without having long hair? J Lanston, via email

  • A woman smiling Getty Images Ask the expert: whiter teeth for Christmas

    I would love to kiss a man under the mistletoe this Christmas but I am worried my less-than pearly whites will put him off. How can I get whiter teeth in time for the festive season? Virginia Laurence, via email

  • A woman pouting Getty Images Ask the expert: products to help your pout

    I have noticed that my lips are looking thinner. I don't want to resort to collagen injections just yet, do you know which products and make-up will help enhance my natural pout? Sadie Hacks, via e-mail

  • A woman brushing her teeth in the mirror Getty Ask the experts: discoloured teeth

    I am a 28-year-old mother-of-two and I have developed discolouring on my teeth over the past couple of years - especially since the birth of my son three years ago. Why has this sudden change occurred? I don't drink or smoke. Is there a treatment you could recommend to remove the staining?Fathima J, via e-mail

  • Bottles of serum Gett Images Ask the expert: serums

    I've been told that serums work better than moisturisers. So I've thought about using a serum instead, but they're usually more expensive and definitely sound more complicated. What would you advise? Melanie Newman, via email

  • A mouth Rex Features Ask the expert: sensitive teeth

    Why are my teeth sensitive? Jay Mayfield, via email

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