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Get body confident

Look and feel great with these 10 body-confidence boosters

Need a body-confidence pick-me-up? There are plenty of simple changes you can make to help you look and (most importantly) feel your best, whether you need to get gorgeous for a big event or just want to perk up for spring. From long-term healthy living to last-minute pampering, here's our guide to the top 10 body-confidence boosters!

A woman exercising on a rowing machine (© Jupiterimages, Brand X Pictures, Getty Images)

Sweat it out

When it comes to long-term body satisfaction, regular exercise is key. As well as the physical results, exercise also releases endorphins - the body's natural feel good chemicals - which help beat stress and lift your mood. So why not try to slip a gym class, a bike ride, or even just a long walk into your routine?

Strip it off

Ever since it was immortalised in SATC, the Brazilian bikini wax has become a beauty must-have. If you're a wax virgin, make sure to get in touch with a salon (recommended by a friend) well in advance, as you might need a patch test to check you're not allergic to the wax.

Final polish

There's something incredibly satisfying about a newly lacquered set of nails. Whether you paint them at home, or splash out on a professional manicure, it's a quick and simple way to polish off your look (pun intended). If you're looking for something a little more exciting than just a quick slick of colour, then head to Nail Rocks for the latest in nail art trends - nail wraps. With everything from metallic stripes to neon leopard print, there's sure to be a wrap to suit your look.

A woman holding up a red dress. (© Jamie Grill, Tetra images, Getty Images)

Coiffed to perfection

When it comes to hair, the difference between the rich and famous and the rest of us can be summed up in two words: Blow Dry. Yes, whilst the rest of us save professional blow-dries for after a 'cut and colour', the rich and famous have them like we have hot baths! The power of a good blow dry should never be underestimated, both in regards to how it will make you look and how it will make you feel. And with many salons offering them from just £20, they're an affordable treat.

Golden glow

Unless you're one of the lucky few who have just jetted back from somewhere exotic, you're probably a bit pale and pasty in February. Pale may (supposedly) be interesting, but it doesn't always feel sexy or glamorous. Thankfully there's a simple solution in the form of fake tan. Unlike sunbeds, there are no health risks with fake tan. Whether you choose to self-tan at home or head to a salon, just remember - you're aiming for golden glow, not TOWIE tangerine!

Dress to impress

It's always nice to have an excuse to treat yourself to a new outfit - but you don't always need an excuse! Invest in an outfit that makes you feel confident, sexy and generally fabulous - get this right, and it will be money well spent.

Naughty but nice

New lingerie is a surefire way to impress a partner - but it's also a great confidence boost, regardless of whether anyone else ends up seeing you in it! Treat yourself to something you feel sexy and comfortable in and wear it whenever you want to feel a little more desirable.

A woman moisturising (© Image Source, Richard Allen, Image Source, Getty Images)

Super soft

Nothing feels better than baby-soft skin, and no matter your age, it's only a step away. Exfoliating removes the old and dead skin cells from the top of the skin's surface, and the practice dates back to the Egyptians. From exfoliating gels and creams to gloves and sponges, there are lots of different products and techniques to choose from. Whichever you opt for, it will have you feeling silky soft, and good as new.

Finishing touch

With our busy lives and to-do lists the length of the M1, most of us don't get round to moisturising every day. Invest in a really great moisturiser with a scent you love, and you'll instantly feel softer, smoother and a whole lot more desirable

It's all about balance

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