So what's really hot this season? Well, the amazing array of towering wedges and Seventies-style platform heels can't have escaped your notice. Dolce & Gabbana paired multi-coloured wedges with ditsy florals - and it's a trend that's soon made its way on to the high street.

Beaded sandals(Bonbrix)

But you don't have to wear towering heels to be bang-on-trend this season. Look out for styles with colourful patterns and pretty embellishments such as flowers and beads. Fashion's current love affair with bright pops of colour really can't be ignored - and opting for sandals in a big, bold shade is an easy way to work the look without going OTT.

Other details to look out for? Animal prints (as always), polka dots and floral fabrics have all made their mark on Spring/Summer footwear, too.

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