Dianna Agron knows how to make the most of her lashes(PA Photos)

But don't just rely on your favourite mascara to get the desired look: there are plenty of new ways to treat, condition and embellish your natural lashes. Plus, of course, you can always cheat with falsies. One word of warning, though: don't go OTT. Think Penélope Cruz, not Katie Price!

Want another tip to make life easier? Just as luscious lashes can turn an everyday look into show-stopping perfection, so the right amount of seasoning can transform an ordinary meal into a tastebud-tingling feast. For ideas and inspiration, check out what's hot on Schwartz right now - including the fabulous Perfect Shake seasonings. Liven-up your meals with just one shake of the pot. What could be simpler?

In the meantime, here's how to go forth and flutter...

Fake them!

La La Lashes // La La Lashes Diamond

False lashes have always been an absolute must-have in every self-respecting glamour-puss's make-up bag. And the latest array of falsies are better than ever: they come in all sorts of colours, shapes and sizes, so you can pick and choose a look to suit the occasion.

La La Lashes Diva(La La Lashes)

For big nights out, we love Lash Perfect's La La Lashes (from £6.95, www.lalalashes.co.uk). The only problem? We can't decide on a favourite. Diamond (£7.95) adds a touch of sparkle to complete a glittering party look - but then again, Diva (£7.95) features cute little pearls that we're finding hard to resist!

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Extend them!

For a real treat, however, you could make an appointment at the salon to have some professional extensions put in. Those in the know have been tripping over themselves to book an eyelash highlighting session with Esme Winterflood at London's Neville salon.

Esme's technique involves applying a full set of extensions, together with a few subtle coloured lashes woven in and attached to the upper lash line, to bring out the individual's eye colour. Be warned, though: this kind of expertise doesn't come cheap. Eyelash highlighting at Neville costs from £190.

Enhance them!

If extensions sound too much like hard work, but you still want to create an impact with some full-on fluttering, you can always try boosting your natural lashes. There's a whole new crop of volume-enhancing products to try out at home. Any caveats? Well, it usually takes a few weeks for the effects to become noticeable - but they definitely make a difference over time.

£65.95(Eyesential Lashes)

Eyesential Lashes (£69.95; call 0870 42 029 42 for stockists) uses an impressive-sounding active ingredient called synthetic prostaglandin to encourage brow and lash growth. You simply apply it like liquid eyeliner at bedtime, and allow five minutes for it to be absorbed. You should see a 30% to 50% increase in length and density within four to six weeks.

Or for a more affordable alternative, try Mavala Double Lash (£9.50, from chemists nationwide) - an overnight treatment that targets weak and shortened lashes by strengthening and protecting them.

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Colour them!

Think you don't have time to fiddle around dyeing your lashes? Think again. The latest DIY dye kits can be applied in next-to-no-time while you're waiting for your cab to arrive! For instance, Colorsport's Long Lasting 30 Day Mascara transforms lashes in just 10 minutes, leaving them seductively dark and defined.

MeMeMe Fact Cat Lashes(MeMeMe)

Last but not least, of course, don't forget to check out this season's fabulous mascaras. Our favourites include: MeMeMe Fat Cat Lashes (£7.99, Superdrug), which comes with a nifty volume-enhancing brush; and Green People Volumising Mascara (£13.99, www.greenpeople.co.uk), which contains lush shea butter and almond oil for big, brilliant lashes that look gorgeous all day long.

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