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Super pets! Man's best friend to the rescue

Pets with special skills

Guide dog (© Press Association)
  • Guide dog (© Press Association)
  • A dog fitted with a dogcam (© Rex Features)
  • Daisy the bio-detection dog (© Medical Detection Dogs)
  • Belle and her owner Kevin (© Press Association Images)
  • Tony and her dog Ajay (© Press Association images)
  • Treo (© Rex Features)
  • A lady cuddling her dog
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Man's best friend has a history of doing much more than just being a friendly companion. As well guide and hearing dogs, and dogs which work with the police and armed forces, your average family pets have been known to save a life or two. Here are a few of our favourite pets that have gone the extra mile with their special skills to help save a life, or seven.

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