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The internet's most famous pets

Pets officially rule the internet and these little guys are top of the heap...

Boo the dog (© Facebook.com/Boo)
  • Boo the dog (© Facebook.com/Boo)
  • Keyboard Cat (© YouTube)
  • Maru the cat (© sisinmaru.blog17.fc2.com)
  • Boo the dog (© Facebook.com/Boo)
  • Henri the depressed French cat (© henrilechatnoir.com)
  • Butters the dog (© Butters The Fashion Dog blog)
  • Sockington the cat (© Twitter)
  • Child and her cat (© Flickr, Getty Images)
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Pets officially rule the internet. We're not sure if Sir Tim Berners-Lee was aware that when he invented the internet he'd be inventing a place where animals would became the subject of nearly every funny video clip and could even become celebrities in their own right. We've whittled down a list of the internet's biggest pet celebrities to bring you this cream of the crop...

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