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Morning disaster stories

We've rounded up some amusing real-life morning tales to make you feel better about your day...

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Ιf you think you’ve had a bad morning, take heart. After reading these hilarious morning stories, you’ll realise that sometimes everyone has a bad one. What really matters though, is what you do next…

Brief encounter

"I was only nine at the time, but that morning is forever ingrained in my memory. I still blush thinking about it! It all started when mum once again overslept, which meant that I overslept, which meant that I had to really rush if I was going to catch the school bus. As I turned the corner, I could see the bus already at the stop and the other kids piling in so I started running. At that exact moment, the elastic went on my knickers and they dropped to the floor! Over I went, exposing my bare bottom to the entire school bus, all of whom were now pointing and laughing at me. It was the last time I have ever run for a bus." Jade 

Woman touching her hair (© Getty Images)

Flappin' heck

"My morning had actually gone really well up until this point. I'd had time to straighten my hair, enjoy a coffee and then make my merry way to the train station. The sun was out, life was good. And then I got pooed on. Yep, a bird had obviously decided that it was my lucky day and let rip all over my freshly washed hair and down the back of my favourite jacket. And we're not talking the type you can simply mop up with a tissue either. This was epic! The only thing for it was to head back home, have another shower and wash that bird right out of my hair - with a few expletives along the way. Worst of all, when I did eventually get to work, my boss didn't believe my little story and had a massive go at me for being late." Emma

Night school

“Travel is my middle name as I have to be in China once a week to check on the production line of our products. I have a two-screen watch in order not to get confused by the seven-hour time difference. But once when I forgot it at the hotel in China, I completely messed up my day, not to mention my poor little boys’. So I’m home after a horrible flight from Shanghai and I suddenly wake up realising that I have overslept. I wake up the kids, take them to the bathroom, dress them up in a hurry and prepare their schoolbags. We got into the car; their foreheads stuck on the car windows at the back seat still sleeping. I had the impression that the streets were emptier than they were supposed to be and the sun was strangely not rising. When we finally arrived, the school door was closed and there was nobody around. I took my mobile phone out of my bag in order to call my husband and just before dialling his number I noticed the time: it was three o’ clock in the morning! Oops! ” Anna

Sand man

"My worst ever morning happened when I was on a lads' holiday in Ibiza. In a turn of events straight out of The Inbetweeners Movie, I woke up with a mouthful of sand. But looking around, I soon realised I wasn't on the beach, but on a building site! Not only that - I'd somehow managed to get a sea urchin stuck in my foot during a midnight dip in the sea (seemed a good idea at the time!). So, after spitting out as much sand as I could, I spent the rest of the morning in a local hospital getting the urchin removed, while dealing with a stinking hangover. The worst morning of all time, surely?" Bradley

Woman getting a tan (© Getty Images)

Τan, go!

"It was the first day of my new job on a women's magazine. Maybe I shouldn't have gone for a spray tan before work, but I had a wedding to go that weekend and this was my only chance. Besides, I figured a golden glow would help me fit in with all the glam girls in the office. How wrong was I? As my tan developed throughout the morning, my new workmates found it more and more hilarious. I went from being known as the 'new girl' to 'Oompa-Loompa girl' - not exactly the first impression I was after." Ally

Zombie nation

“I'd woken up really late for work, chucked on some clothes and run out the door. What I'd forgotten was that I still had my zombie face paint on from the Halloween party the night before. It wasn't until I noticed people on the tube smiling at me that I twigged. I had to spend the rest of the journey like it - I'm just thankful I managed to sneak into the office toilets to wash it off before my boss spotted me." Mike

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