Colour Me Beautiful
31/01/2012 15:43 | Special promotion by Comfort

Get colour-confident with Comfort

Discover the wardrobe-enhancing powers of new Comfort Bright Whites and Comfort Bright Colours.

Colour Me Beautiful model in orange (© Colour Me Beautiful)

Every woman knows the value of a pair of flattering trousers; jeans in exactly the right shade of blue and the perfect LBD that can go happily from Tesco to dinner party with the simple application of a chunky necklace. How about the feeling of a freshly ironed white cotton shirt against the skin and the thrill of bagging a bikini you feel like a goddess in... at the beginning of the summer?

Comfort knows how much you love the way you feel in clothes that suit you. And how looking good can boost your confidence and make you appear more youthful. So to celebrate the release of Comfort Bright Colours and Comfort Bright Whites, Comfort has teamed up with Europe's leading colour image consultants, Colour Me Beautiful.

Comfort Brights (© Comfort Brights)

Comfort Bright Whites and Comfort Bright Colours offer two new ways to help keep your family's clothes brighter and more vibrant for longer. Comfort Bright Colours has a unique pro-bright formula that helps prevent running or fading in every wash while Comfort Bright Whites' pro-white formula can help make even dull whites bright and fresh again by counteracting yellow and grey tones.

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Comfort Bright Whites and Comfort Bright Colours are RRP £2.15 for 750ml and RRP £3.30 for 1.2l - look out for them on your next supermarket or online shop.

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